Rethinking Work

Planning Your Next Chapter of Life

Are you interested in living life on your own terms and creating a template for meaningful work to support it? Maybe it’s a matter of figuring out the next steps to make it happen. Savant has worked with many executives and professionals through this same transition by partnering with them to create a vision for the next chapter in their lives.

Case Study: Bill’s Victory Lap Retirement – From National Sales to Nurturing Souls

After a long and fulfilling career, it’s not always easy to determine the best way to transition to retirement. Should you stop work completely, or continue to work or volunteer part-time? For Bill, the decision became clear after he read, “Victory Lap Retirement,” a book co-written by Savant’s Chief Innovation Officer, Rob Morrison, CFP®.

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Learn how executives and successful professionals are pursuing a path between full-time work and full-stop retirement. A new chapter where they can repackage how work fits into their life, blurring the lines between work and retirement to experience the best of both worlds. There is no roadmap for those who wish to embark on this non-traditional path, and a complex tangle of decisions awaits.

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